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SEO Packages Malaysia

Are you looking for SEO packages Malaysia? Are you struggling to rank your website in Google? You have come to the right place. Let us handle your ranking, no more headache and frustrations. You can relax and focus on closing customers.

Our proven ranking strategies ranked thousands of keywords over the years. We have lots of techniques that would increase your website traffic. Imagine that your phone rings daily calling by your customers that come from your website… you have unlimited customers that automatically come to do business with you.

Is your website currently brings you enough clients? If not, you won’t regret using our SEO services. Let’s make your website a sales machine, 24 hours daily make sales for you even when you are sleeping on your bed.

Take a look at this video if you don’t know how SEO could help your business:


Choose One of Our Awesome SEO Packages Malaysia & Make Your Website Skyrocket!

You are here because you are interested in boosting your ranking in Google. We have search engine optimization packages to meet all budgets and requirements.

Low Competitive Industry
Start from RM1000 per month
1 Low Competition Keyword
5 Sub Keywords
Keyword Research Included
Website Review Included
On Page SEO Analysis
Link Building
Rank Tracking
Monthly Progress Report
Month to Month Pricing
Schedule a FREE Strategy Session
Medium Competitive Industry
Start from RM2000 per month
2 Medium Competition Keywords
8 Sub Keywords
Keyword Research Included
Website Review Included
On Page SEO Analysis
Link Building
Rank Tracking
Monthly Progress Report
Month to Month Pricing
Schedule a FREE Strategy Session
High Competitive Industry
Start from RM3000 per month
2 High Competition Keywords
10 Sub keywords
Keyword Research Included
Website Review Included
On Page SEO Analysis
Link Building
Rank Tracking
Monthly Progress Report
Month to Month Pricing
Schedule a FREE Strategy Session


We are going to increase your search ranking in Google. We will review your website to see what we can improve in terms of SEO. Then we will analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and map out a custom ranking strategy specific to your website. Your website will crawl its way to rank #1 and beat all your competitors down.

Why should you trust us?

You have tried SEO yourself but have not had any luck getting traffic. You have tried an SEO company but got no results. We are different…

We learned SEO before stepping into SEO agency industry for the past 7 years. We had gone through the struggling phases to rank our own websites in the past just like you. We have wasted a lot of money (up to fifty thousand) and years to try out different types of strategies.

You don’t have to. You can count on us. We have developed our very own proven SEO ranking strategies over the years. From our experience, every single site is different and every industry is different, so we need a different SEO strategy depending on the competition. Every single keyword will require very own SEO ranking strategy.

It’s hard to map out a ranking strategy if an individual is not experienced in SEO. We have beaten Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird, and Fred (if you don’t know, they are terms for Google Algorithm). Our strategies are future proof so you’ll always be safe in the future from getting a Google Penalty.

As a business owner, you should not spend 7 years like us learning SEO. You should spend all your time serving clients and let us do the sales for you. If you have a great keyword you’ll see a very impressive ROI with our Malaysia SEO packages.

We don’t serve many customers at once because we want to make sure your site will rank. You are just a few clicks away from growing your business to the next level. If you are interested you can contact us for a free quote through the pricing table above. There are three packages you can choose the one you are interested in.

After you schedule a free strategic session we will review your site and establish a custom ranking strategy to rank your website. Then we will call you and let you know our strategy with what it is going to cost you.

After that, it’s completely up to you to decide whether we are a good fit to work together or not. Through years of research, we know exactly how to rank your website. We have been that and done that. Remember we have limited spaces because we want to dedicate 100% to every SEO campaign to ensure the best results possible.

Schedule A Free Strategic Session to Get Started

You are one step away from beating your competitors and putting your website on top Google ranking. Schedule a free strategic call now by clicking the button on the pricing table.

Our SEO packages Malaysia are with money back guarantee. If within 60 days you don’t see impressive improvement of ranking, all money return. No question asked. You have zero risks at all. What are you waiting for? Schedule a call now.

Case Study: SEO Packages Malaysia for #1 Ranking

To show you that my team and I are your perfect SEO team to help your website’s ranking, I decided to rank this page to the #1 in Google search result.

I will record the whole process except for the backlink strategies because of the obvious reason: we don’t need more competitors. We are using SEO strategies that 99% competitors out there don’t know about.

The strategies I use are tested and proven ranking methods because I use them to rank my own websites all the time. Let me show you how I rank this page with the keyword ‘SEO packages Malaysia’.

search volume of seo packages in Malaysia

This keyword has a monthly search volume of 390 per month. I get the data through a keyword volume tool. We need to know if this keyword worth our time and efforts to rank it top on Google.

Let’s calculate how much is this keyword worth to my business. According to my experience, when you rank for the #1 spot on Google, you get roughly 33% visits of the searches. Therefore, there will be 129 visitors visit my website monthly if I ranked for this keyword.

If my conversion rate is 5%, which means I’ll have 5% of visitors become my customers, then I will get 6 customers each month. (Normally the conversion rate would be 20%, I use the worst case here to show you it’s still worthy to rank on #1 even if the conversion rate sucks.)

I have three SEO packages, which the lowest package starts from RM500 each month. Therefore, if I rank #1 for this keyword, I will at least get a revenue of RM3,000 each month.

The calculation is as below:

390 monthly searches X 0.33% click through rate = 129 visitors monthly
129 visitors X 5% of visitors become your customer = 6 customers
6 customers X my lowest package RM1000 = RM6,000
What if my customers worth RM6,000 monthly? What if my conversion rate is 15%? Calculate yourself.

Imagine that if your customer life time value is RM5,000, how much revenue you’ll increase to your business if you get extra 6 customers each month? That would be 6 X RM5,000 = extra RM30,000 monthly without doing any more sales work. So now we know that this keyword worth our time and efforts, let’s start ranking and banking.

First of all, check your competitors in the SERPs (search engine results page). Go to Google type your keyword and search, then open every website on the first-page search result. These top 10 websites are your main competitors, you’ll need to analyze their on-page SEO and backlinks profile to know how competitive they are.

There are a few things we should look at to know if their on page SEO has done perfectly. First of all, how long is their content, does their content include rich media, does the exact keyword include in URL, title tag, meta description, H1 and H2 tag, top, middle and bottom of the content, how many times the keyword is mentioned in the content, etc.

So after checking out the top 10 websites, we know that the average word count among them is 841 words. The total word count of top 10 websites is 8481 words, divided by 10 = 841 words average. Therefore, if our content word count is over 841 words, that would mean we have provided more information and that would be a good signal for Google to view us as the authority on the topic ‘SEO packages in Malaysia’.

  • #1 Website: 253 words
  • #2 Website: 576 words
  • #3 Website: 647 words
  • #4 Website: 2079 words (Homepage)
  • #5 Website: 652 words
  • #6 Website: 358 words
  • #7 Website: 634 words
  • #8 Website: 445 words
  • #9 Website: 877 words
  • #10 Website: 1960 words (Homepage)

Wordcount SEO Package Malaysia

In the picture shows that we already have 1,712 words and that’s not the final word count. We are certain that we can rank this keyword on top of SERPs especially when the 1st website has only 253 words on the page. Moreover, most of them do not include the exact keyword in their URL, title tag, meta description, H1 and H2 tag, etc. Most of their content doesn’t include rich media such as pictures and videos as well. In short, most websites on top 10 don’t do SEO for the target keyword that we aim to rank.

If you use our SEO services, we would also do the exact same process to help analyze your keyword value to maximize your ROI, and we will also analyze your competitors’ on-page SEO and their backlinks profile.

After checking out the on-page issue, we are going to check out the backlinks profile of each competitor. Unfortunately, we can’t show you this process because this is where our strategy is different with others. But I will share with you what we have done. Firstly, we check how many backlinks each competitor has, what’s their anchor text ratio (the words used to link to the website), and how powerful are their backlinks.

After that, we’ll map out a specific strategy to beat out their backlinks profile in terms of volume, anchors, and the ranking power. In this case, I will use a proven ranking strategy that I use to rank my websites in the past. From my experience, this level of competition I can rank within 3 months and not more than 4 months. In the past, I’ll be faster, but due to the Google’s algorithm, no matter what changes we have made to the site, it’s going to take 3-4 weeks to see the effects.

I will log the result at the below, to show you that how long it’s been taking to rank the keyword ‘SEO packages Malaysia’. The top 3 position is what I defined ‘rank’. Therefore, our goal is to rank our website within the top 3 position within 3 months, and we will not allow ourselves to go beyond than 4 months to rank #1. What a challenge, right?

Ranking Result

Post published: 7/11/2017

Rank Improve SEO Service Malaysia

On 7 November 2017 right after the post is published, it’s ranked #25 on Google.com and #25 on Google.com.my.

In the first month, I will create signals to Google to show my page is worthy to rank and I will start creating backlinks to the page. I will log the ranking result one month later.

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