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Hello, welcome to Rank Mastery. I’m Rio, the founder of Rank Mastery. Are you ready to start ranking and banking?

Having a website is not enough. You need to get traffic for it. More traffic equals to more sales. Who doesn’t want more sales, right?

So, now the question is, how to get more traffic?

There are a lot of ways, and they all work. But what works for other people doesn’t mean work for you. As a business owner, you should try different ways to reach your audience and demonstrate your products or services for them.

Generally, there are five sources of traffic – advertisements, social media, referrals, direct traffic and organic traffic. The first is advertisements such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads, they are really good traffic source if you know how to set up the ads and sales funnel so you can spend less and get more conversions.

The second source of traffic is social media. This works wonder for businesses who have a good branding and are in a niche that many people are interested in. For example, Nike is a sport shoes company and it has a good branding, everyone knows Nike. It’s in a health and fitness niche, many sportsmen are interested in Nike’s products. Their audience will automatically share news through Facebook or other social networks and their posts easily go viral. This is also called as ‘viral marketing’.

The third traffic source is referrals. This means your traffic comes from other people’s websites. You must have good content on your website otherwise there’s less chance for other people to link to you. The fourth traffic source is direct traffic. This means people come to your website by directly typing your website URL in the browser’s address bar.

The fifth traffic source is organic traffic. This perhaps is the best type of traffic source in my opinion. Why do I say so? Let me explain to you.

Organic traffic means traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. People type keywords into the search bar and search for the information they need. When they search information related to your business, your business is on the 1st page so they click and check out your website. If they like your offer, they will become your customers.

This is the traffic you need. They search for your services or products, and they see you are offering what they need. Bang, you got a new customer. You see it? You are NOT chasing for customers, you are NOT showing ads that are ignorant by most people, you DON’T HAVE to be famous or be a big brand, but you are getting targeted traffic that is already looking for your products or services.

Is this hard? For people who have not experienced SEO at all, this is hard. Honestly, I spent 7 years to perfect my SEO skills. You might think that why I spent so long time? This is because SEO industry changes every now and then, what works perfectly today may not work tomorrow. The SEO industry just changes too fast.

Now around 70% people in this world using Google as their search engine when comes to searching information online. In recent years, Google algorithm changed a lot (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and Fred – Yes, I’m that old in the industry, I’ve experienced all these and survived to this day.) I have created my very own proven ranking strategies. But who cares, I’m not telling to brag, just to say I know my things and I can help your business.

Seriously, people started to be aware of SEO these days. In past years, I was doing SEO to aim for the global market instead of the local market because in Malaysia the awareness about the online business is pretty low. Back in the days, no one believes people can earn money online. Most people think it was a scam or a false dream, make money online is not possible.

However, in recent years, you heard of Zalora, you heard of Lazada, you heard of Hermo, you heard of Shopee, they are the startups within 3-5 years and all of them are very successful. They do online marketing including SEO as well. Chances are, your competitors are doing SEO too. If you are not starting to do SEO, you’ll be falling behind and you won’t have a chance to compete with them online ever.

When your keywords are ranking on top of Google, your customers will see your website. However, people normally search numerous times to make sure they don’t miss on important information. When they search for another keyword, they see your website again. A few times later, they start to view your website as an authority and believe what you say on your website. When you gain the trust, you close the deals with the minimal efforts. If you have a sales funnel, you’ll be earning money online automatically without doing any sales work.

Imagine that people keep visiting your website to look for your products and services and keep sending you money, now your question is not how to get more sales, it’s what to do with the excess sales as you don’t have any more capacity to serve with. The solution is, raise your price to filter people who don’t have a high budget. So you’ll earn more money but serve fewer customers. Cool enough? SEO magic 🙂

The bad news is, your competitors may already be aware of this. From my observation, a lot of local businesses are already aware of this and already take action by hiring SEO agencies to do SEO for them.

Honestly, not to attack other SEO agencies, but a lot of them are with poor SEO knowledge and do poor optimization for their customers. They are still practicing old school methods such as including all related keywords on the bottom of their website… Bad move! It’s easy to spot the weaknesses when you are experienced.

This is why I founded the Rank Mastery. It’s an opportunity for you and me to work together to beat your competitors down the notch and put you on top. There are many weak spots we can target and turn the tables.

Let me help you rank highly on Google and double your sales, so you’ll have more money and more time for your family and friends. It’s your opportunity to steal the sales from your competitors, use my awesome team to rank your website highly on Google. Our SEO skills are top level, proven ranking strategies that I used on all my sites.

I appreciate a lot if you read from the start to the end. I’m not intended to write a long piece because I know our time is so precious. However, it’s already over 1000 words (WTF!?) so I should stop here. If you want to get more sales with ranking high on Google, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit to work together. You can schedule a call by clicking the button below or directly call my number  +6017-5398094.

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